Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last race in Japan : (

Well my last RC race in Japan was at Wing-1 in Iwate-ken ( I raced my RC8E for the first time. Electric 1/8 scale is very new in Japan. In fact, I was the first to race a brushless buggy in Northern Japan! It was so nice they let me race with them against their GP buggies. The course was very difficult and was very easy to over jump the big jump but easy to under jump the smaller jumps. I did very poorly in qualifieing, 10th out of 12. I did well in the 15min B-main, finnishing 4th. Good enough to bump up to the 30 Min A-main!!! This happened only because I didn't need to pit :P In the main I was doing OK, beacause I didn't pit... but my motor gave out but I still finnished 4th overall!!!

To all my Japanese RC friends, Thank you for everything!!! I can't wait to return to Japan to race with all of you again!!

Have to represent for team AE. Here is Youzoh's buggy with mine.
This is a pick of me and my friends!

Josh's Area74 Blog!

Hi Everyone,
This is my new RC blog. I hope all my nihonjin friends can view this blog and feel a little closer to me even though I'm far away. I will try to keep this up to date with my latest news. Please e-mail me at any time!!!